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am I the only one that gangbangs my pictures with photoshop?
I am probably sleeping as I write this. I am having two posts for the day. The other one is at outfit post! I just want to post my ideas and get input from you guys. I am planning out my posts. I want my blog to have posts other than about my outfits. I admit that I am not the most inspiration male personal style blogger out there. I shouldn’t play too much on my weakness. But you guys don’t seem to enjoy other posts very much. It has always been the outfit posts that received many comments and views. This week this is/was my plan of posting based on your response.
watch as I get no comments
TUESDAY- outfit post
WEDNESDAY- blogger feature
THURSDAY outfit post, wish list post
FRIDAY *thought Fridays segment*
SATURDAY streetstyle post
SUNDAY video of the month
Thought fridays are posts that have more emphasis on the writing.Each friday a new post regarding my views on current (fashion) events are tackled. I have video capabilities on my DSLR so why not use it. I have yet to decide what topic to discuss or talk about. It can basically be about anything that relates to this blog ex. haul, styling, outfit, vlog.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by unconventionalmorning. This is a cute picture :)


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