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//White undershirt: Hanes//Cuffed Straight cut khaki pants: Gap// Old black shoes: Aldo// Feather necklace: Forever21// Wayfarer’s: random place (sister’s)//

This outfit reminds me of a school uniform. I used to live in the Philippines and I would thrive in something similar 5 out of 7 days of the week. That is what I had to live with for about 13 years. I am pretty new with learning how to dress myself. Maybe that’s why I still make an effort

Upon consideration, this ensemble can be a very good stable. Colours are fairly easy to match with, just add a different top, accesory, vest etc and it would work. Might be something I could experiment upon.

I’m here and I want to stay



  1. lol, since prep-4th yr (1st qtr), i went to Assumption (don't know if you know / have heard it before) and we also have a uniform! haha... oh memories :)

    why'd u make a new blog?


  2. thank you dude!
    follow you, would be glad if you follow me too ;)

    kent jeffrey

  3. Read your 'moving on' post via your older blog & I know exactly how you feel about your blog shaping you into the person you are today! It's amazing how much you learn about yourself just from blogging, isn't it?!

    Simple outfit, with more potential than you know! You can dress it up or dress it down from there.

    Keep up the blogging!


  4. I recently discovered your previous blog and ventured to this one. Your blog is pretty great. I love what you're wearing in this post, especially the necklace and shoes :) Keep up the wonderful postings, mate.

    Cheers from NYC,


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