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As some of you might know, I used to blog at Broke Fashion Junkie. Now take a clue, that must mean I bought some pretty cheap clothes. I think I’m off for a change.

With the thought of “buy cheap, buy sale nothing expensive” on my mind during shopping trips, I’ve accumulated things that I can’t rely on for a stable wardrobe. I came upon this realization when I was trying to look for an outfit to shoot and I just couldn’t come up with anything. I’d try a combination of garments and they just wouldn’t look “right” together. Why? because I bought the clothes because they were cheap, they didn’t need to “perform” It’s fifteen dollars, this blazer doesn’t have to fit me perfectly. Yadda yadda yah

I think I’m going to change my approach with accumulating clothes for a stable wardrobe. No more do I rush to the sale section just for the sake of finding something to buy. I think I’m going to steer off of the cheap and badly made clothes. This means being very very picky with my purchases especially in H&M and 21men. I think I’m going to make my trips to ZARA and other higher quality high-street brands more often. I need to get over the cringe of paying for a higher price tag, it might just do my wardrobe some good.

It doesn’t come that easy. I never see Sabrina of AFTERDRK.COM blog all too much about new purchases because I don’t think she buys too much.  She always buys more expensive pieces but she wears them often and does a good job at it. She’s also blogged about a certain French Wardrobe Challenge. She is, more or so, my main inspiration into achieving a stable minimalist wardrobe.The same will happen to me. I’d be lucky to get more than 2 new pieces each month; at least I know they’re going to be good reliable pieces. I also see Andreas Wijk repeat a few of his clothes often, it’s because they really work. THIS is my new goal from now on.

I might talk more about this; but hey these are my thoughts on more or better

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  1. This is also my problem, I love clothes but I love cheap clothes better. The thing is the less expensive, the less good the quality is. So I started buying items a little bit more expensive and it works. Doesn't have to be a lot more expensive. I guess it's about finding the right balance like you did in your "manifesto"

    Absolute B.


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