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This is, more or so my one and only useful blazer. I bought one recently but it doesn’t fit me well, the magic of a price tag on sale. *sigh*

That aside, I need to ask you opinions about this jacket. As you can see, or can’t see there are épaulettes attached to the blazer. Now I am guy with pretty broad shoulders for my height and I feel that the epaulettes just make my shoulders look even bigger. I think I want to take them off, but HOW!? Now that’s for me to figure out as there are buttons attached to the shoulder and the stitching of the epaulette is on the inside. My idea is to simple just cut the fabric from where you can see it and take off the button, but I donno if it’d look weird. Should I just leave it as it is? I also want to dye it black!

I don’t know where I am getting here, really. Just give me your opinions AHAH

edits: fixed the typographical errors and opted for a better(I hope) picture


  1. I think you should just leave them. If you don't know what you're doing, you might leave holes in the fabric.

  2. Very inspiring ! Love it !

  3. I definitely feel you, we don't have a topman either, such a shame!
    And working with layers defintitely gives a nice touch to an outfit (:


  4. If you feel comfortable enough cutting them off without tearing or making any holes, then I guess you can do so, it'll look good. but I think the jacket looks great on you as it is!

    xo andrea marie

  5. Nice post! :D Bro :)

    Btw, I am your new follower, hope you will visit my page and follow :)


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