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25 March 2014


Well it's been a while since I've put anything to read on the blog. In truth, I'm pretty much abandoning this whole "project" right now. You can even see that the URL is back to Many things around me have changed. I am this super busy guy, pretty much like the kid that bit off more than he can chew. Ooh honey I'm chewing that chunk like it's no one's business right now. In any case, it's just been difficult for me to keep posting on the blog. So I am leaving it dormant for a little while.

Having said that, I do have some hope for a new blog...I did change and that includes my sartorial choices. I am just not in love with wearing much colour anymore. I have written posts about my love affair with the idea of uniformity and simplicity and maybe this is the overt minimalist coming out in me. Essentially, I have started buying and wearing clothes in five colours: Black, White, Gray, Camel and Navy. I guess if you're a douche bag you can say it's two colours but I'll still say five. I'm not sure whether this is going to work or not but I am staying hopeful.

Of course with this kind of theme, things will be slightly different. I'm taking content into an even more editorial route, with lots of write-ups involving historical and social commentary on the aforementioned colours. It'll stay fun with a few shopping guides, editorial posts and the usual outfit post. But for now, I'm just trying to see whether I can live with these colours in my wardrobe.

Expect the first few posts to be about culling and building a wardrobe.


13 November 2013

8 Things You Need for the Cold Season

  The air is crisp, the sun is shy and the terasen gas bill is up. One thing is for sure, it’s cold as hell and this season, you’d best be in your best bling, spicing things up when the temperatures finally hit sub-zero. Here are 8 things you need to get it right, so listen up.
1. Bling-ass shearling jacket
Fur coats are so 2011, don’t even try it. Instead, invest in a warm snuggly shearling coat. It screams “ I’m pimpin’ and I’m pimpin’ in style” The 100% Lamb Leather Ian Shearling in Brown is your best best for this type of look. With side buckles and leather taped seams, this piece should last you a lifetime and through all the sorts of sizes that you will eventually get to become. You best be pimpin’ if you ought to buy this jacket at $2 400
2. Animal print shtuff
The Americas are freezing right now and Africa is still quite warm. Why don’t you take a bit of Africa to your hometown and add a sizzle to things, even just a little bit. Apparently, the people over at Burberry got the same cue so they’ve provided us with a few accessories to help us out a bit. It’s like one of those warming packets you get for camping. Thanks Burberry, we’re particularly in love with this duffel. Check with retailers like Mr. Porter for these awesome accessories.
3. Margiela Duds 
converse x martin margiela
Available soon… 
Margiela is so it right now that it doesn’t matter what it is. Margiela is the way to go; ask Kanye. Alright, so the brand is known for some wildly “creative” processes which we deem to make some things even more useless, except for a few notable pieces. Trust us, we have your best interest at heart These Margiela x Converse classic sneakers, coated in a fresh (literally) coat of paint will sure get you that hypebeast fix, even while staying utilitarian in universal white.
4. Checked pants bruv
1608302600_6_1_1 1608302600_6_1_1
   Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane back circa mid-2008. We know what you’re thinking, checked tops, checked tops in every colour of the rainbow, checked tops for days. That’s okay, we don’t mind. At _____ we are fully pledged believers of Newton’s “What comes up must come down.” Amen to that brother, so why don’t we take all of those checks and wear them as pants. It’s the cool thing now, and we’re sure that Sir Isaac agrees. Try this cool pair from Zara for a playful yet finished look.
5. Gray
jil sanderjil sander

  As of late, colour was being pushed by designers onto mens’ wardrobes like a pushy Asian mother getting her son through medical school. This one’s for all of those poor Asian boys. Prove that you’re too cool for school with an entirely gray ensemble. Bomb that tuition fee with this Jil Sander Blazer in brushed wool. It’s precisely cut for your scrawny rice-fed Asian body with cutting edge technology to add some heft into that thing. At least momma gets to see you looking like a sharply dressed doctor.
6. Chelsea Boots
  Impress Chelsea with nothing more than her namesake, or maybe not. These are reserved for those boys that are more comfortable with their inner being. Rest assured, that you get a special nod from us here at Stilo Dorito, as well as your new-found brethren trying to pull off the same look. Are you brave enough to join the club? If so, then you ought to buy the original catalyst to the movement. These Saint Laurent boots are perf! Here is a higher alternative and Zara creates a mean “replica”, check out your local stores.
7. Borg collar yo
Maybe you’re a bit of a shy one and you don’t wanna roll up in the biggest snuggliest comfiest pelt of animal skin known to man, and risk a few stares. You can still share a bit of the warmth with a nice casual borg collar on a Vancouver staple: the denim jacket. We here at  Stilo Dorito don’t discriminate on financial stature; we fully recognize that great style can come from any price point. At $60, you can’t go wrong with this ASOS denim jacket in that versatile blue wash. It’s like taking a trimming out of that Acne shearling.
8. Suit down
Sienna Blue Stripe available at Suitsupply
Gone should be the days that your best was a mix and match suit from the crusty old corner at your local Sears known as the clearance section. Suits really aren’t that big of a deal any more now that you’re a young urban professional (or at least we presume). Try pairing this on-trend pinstripe two piece suit with more casual white trainers to show your boss who’s boss. It might get you that promotion….or demotion. Either way, look who’s way cooler than the boss.
Disclaimer: This write-up is intended to be a submission for my Writing 12 class. Ideas may have come across as farfetched, unrealistic and completely wrong. I may have offended a few people and I apologize. This write up was mostly intended for creativity purposes. Please do not take every thing seriously. Thanks!

3 November 2013

Lunettes de Soleil


  It’s super sunny as I write this post right now and I am just a few minutes away from having just bought a new pair of sunglasses. Now one might say, “You crazy b*tch, what are you doing with those in the winter?” I’m using them to look cool of course! I am compelled to believe that any type of outerwear is made to be worn with sunglasses. 8/10 magazine ads have models wearing sunglasses and guess what…they all look cool. Give it a try sometime and just notice how much cooler you look. It’s like you suddenly go from a cold person just trying to warm up with a sad piece of outerwear, to a person wearing a jacket to match with his cool sunnies. Just make sure that the fit and shape of the frame compliments your face shape (softer for angular features and angular for softer features) and you’re sure to become a changed man…or woman

For those looking to sport a cool pair this season, head on over to this site to see the latest offerings from brands like Persol, Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Dsquared, Zegna and more. Virtually try on any of their sunglasses with their 3DTRYON feature. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This may all be cool, but the rule stays the same. You can’t wear these at night! Just…no

This post is sponsored by Smart Buy Glasses SG

21 October 2013

Welcome Back v. 2.0


So I suppose I am back from my long absence from blogging. I guess you could say that life happened for me. To prove that, I have a list of some new things in my life. It's a simple way of us catching up on missed moments.

1. I now speak French fairly well, with a convincing accent to boot. I left you guys off with my summer immersion trip to Quebec and that was that. To put it quickly, it has been one of the most pivotal and life-changing experiences in this young life of mine. Nothing has changed me quite so much as the realities which Quebec had put me through. It was a fantastic time filled with wonderful sights, and possible long-life friends.

2. I got a job! (finally) I think it won't be fewer than 10 times that I've ranted about being jobless and, most importantly, money-less on my blog. Let's just say, we could cap it at that number. No, I did not get an internship at GQ nor even a sales associate position at , say, Aldo, however I am still very proud of the work that I accomplish. Working is no joke, but it's just another lesson that I am happy to have learned.

3. I got my first independent bank account. This one isn't really all that important and was only consequential due to my Quebec trip and having found a job right after. I just wanted to share that I am now completely responsible of my finances, I even got my own Paypal account. It's been around a month so-far and I think I'm sticking to my budget quite well. It's wonderful to be able to splurge on myself nowadays tho...

4. I've decided on my future (kinda). With everything that I have learned about myself, I have finally decided that I want to study Architecture in university. In particular, I am aiming to get into Montreal's Mcgill University and/or Ontario's Waterloo University. They say, "go big or go home", and that is exactly what I am doing as these schools are fairly competitive here in Canada.

5. With all of this that I have mentioned, it's safe to say that I have no time left. In between 4 full classes in a day, working after school, being involved in after school performing arts courses and commitments, taking an online course, preparing my Architecture application portfolio and trying to keep a fairly good social life, I barely have any time to even sleep. Blogging? Oh yeah, I can fit that in my schedule 3-4 am. haha!

Well it's 1 am as I write this, and I should really go to bed. Don’t worry, more posts are coming up, starting with a wonderful photo set of Quebec city.

ps. I am totally editing this post tomorrow