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I guess today’s Thought Friday can be considered a filtered rant.

I think, I first thought of Thought Fridays as a way to rant out my feelings, from time to time, apart from getting some practice in writing.

Today’s topic once again tackles the debate for quick and cheap or long lasting and expensive.

Now, I don’t condone anyone who constantly buys a lot of designer and luxury items. It is their choice and I highly encourage it when you’ve got the means to afford of such luxury. On the contrary, I highly disagree with going into thousands(plural) of dollars in debt, just to buy some sort of symbol of status. It will not symbolize your status. After a quick wikipedia search I’ve found a term that encapsulates such behaviour-Ghetto Fabulous.

Personally, I can’t wrap my head around the idea of buying a lot of luxury items. I very much have a sick feeling thinking of swiping the card or spending the money I’ve worked for hours and hours for an “amazing item”. I have yet to come up with a piece that I am amazingly in love with.

I often find myself creating solutions for my short-comings considering price point and brands and all. Right now for example, I’m really into the idea of DIY-ing numerous pieces especially accesories. Therefore I can have that item I really love without breaking the bank. I did make it so it’s exactly how I want it.

With this thought in mind, I’m doubting the outlook of my style. Blogging has taught me the great trait of observation, and all of the style bloggers I’ve seen have a couple of designer pieces wading around in pools of high street clothing. With this, I create a manifesto

From this day on, I will invest in great pieces, designer or not that will identify and really push my style to it's best abilities; I will worry less about the price in rare times.

These are my thoughts on taste, luxury and my manifesto.

ps. I have so much new clothes, I want to show them all to you in the next few weeks


  1. Nice pic!

  2. i personally can't wait to be rich so i can afford all these beautiful designer clothes!! but i'll still thrift shop and everything. I really like the contrast in outfits of high vs. low!
    one day! work with what we've got!

  3. really good opst I'm so bookmarking this post

  4. Are you seriously 15 years old ??! Come on, that post... I mean your manifesto is just great ! First of all it is well written but it is also well thought.
    I share your view. I feel like it's way more enjoyable to have only a few luxury items that you can really appreciate to wear and that can help better an outfit. Plus, no need to wear only high fashion clothing to be stylish, that's for sure. You can sew, create, re-arrange, personalize or buy second-hand/vintage clothes...
    But on the other-hand, there are some designer's creation i'd love to buy !!

    Absolute B.


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