Notes on Cutting Your Own Hair

Men's Haircut DIY Don't you have those days where you're so sick of your hair? Well, that was me last week but this time I did something about it...immediately. I quickly searched up a video on cutting your own hair and grabbed the basic home clippers we had at home and just went buzz buzz. It actually wasn’t disastrous as I went for quick update, trimmed the sides and attempted a small side-part. Keep these few things in mind when it comes to cutting hair that is well…yours.

Keep it Simple Stupid
If you’re thinking of doing something so drastic and different from your current haircut then I suggest you stop reading this and book an appointment with a real hair stylist. The essence of a DIY home haircut is to do something quick and refreshing. I suggest focus your attention on the sides and back as it is the easiest to do and usually requires just one length all around.

Home haircuts were probably made trendy by a metrosexual male man in the 1990’s living in a metropolitan town who went to a hairstylist with a  a fully booked schedule and a hefty talent fee. He figured that he wasn’t going to pay $50 for a trimming of the sides so he thought he’d just do it himself.
The one disadvantage that men have over women when it comes to hair is how often we need to get it trimmed. It is often mandatory to trim our hair between 3-6 weeks, but the trim is usually so simple and restricted to areas such as the sides and back, especially for really short crops. Do it yourself!

Leave the Top Alone
Steer clear of the top part of your hair if you don’t want it to be same length as the rest of your hair a la Caesar cut. No quick online tutorial can ever teach you how to cut the top part of your own hair unless the objective is to look like Edward Scissorhands. If you’re still not discouraged, then I suggest you take a quick 6 week hair cutting course at the local cheapo cosmetic school and then give it a go. Please email me the results!

What About for Money Saving Purposes?
This is probably how you ended up on this little post of mine. It’s a great initiative but does require a bit of planning and “negotiating” on your part. Before starting a regimen of regularly cutting your own hair, you need a good foundation first. Go get a haircut from a stylist and be very honest about your intentions, say that you want an easy low maintenance haircut that you can easily trim on your own. Any stylist genuinely concerned about the happiness of the client will gladly oblige. After 4-5 months, you’d probably have to return to the hair stylist and get it “refreshed”.

If the above strategy just doesn’t workout for you, then just shave all of your hair into one short length, a one or two?


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