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I never really intended to create this post. It just came out of the blue yet I feel that it is necessary for me to talk about and serve as my online personal note. This will mostly serve myself.

I’ve noticed something sinister with my collection of clothes. Its level of stylishness is completely spontaneous. One day will feature me in a tweet linking to my look and the next day I don’t even get one hype on . I am not always completely satisfied with my wardrobe. I never was. There are always missing links and my basics are simply worn too often. There’s a small pool of clothing I really like in a bunch of clothes I can’t get rid of,that I have to get rid of. I guess I really need to make my mind up huh?

I think I will do a REALLY BIG closet purge. Very much strip down my wardrobe down to the core, but keep the other clothes for a few months. Once I find myself wanting to wear it and being able to put it into 3 GOOD outfits, then it’s back to the shortlist. This, with a continuation of buying well made basic clothes and investments will really bring out my style. DIY-ing some really great accesories would probably top off my big fashion cake.

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  1. Ok I'm following you now. I have just been going through exactly this! In fact I did a whole post on this back in feb sometime! Have a look at a Pair and a Spare blog too - she's written posts and posts of great advice on how to get that capsule wardrobe!


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