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The half-tuck is a simple way for a minimalist to add some pizazz to their outfits.

Recently, I’ve really fancied the idea of a minimalist style. I have ALWAYS loved it on many people, yet I never found myself dressing in the style. I always found myself boring-looking whilst wearing a “minimalist ensemble”.

I have said before that blogging has taught me the trait of observation, to copy the good and observe how they do it. I think that Sabrina Meijer of has a style on the minimalist side. Her frocks are never all too frilly, or too clashing with colour. They are simple but they don’t look boring, or worse unfashionable.

I always see Sabrina sporting a little half tuck on her shirts. I am not sure if I am the only person that sees beauty and sophistication in it. A simple minimalist plain t-shirt is now something of intrigue. The tuck causes the fabric to drape nonchalantly in a sophisticated matter.

I have yet to master this seemingly simple technique. How she does it so well?, I have yet to observe


  1. Very nice post about a simple way to bring something else to an outfit and keep it minimalist.
    I used to dislike the minimalist style but as I grow as a person/woman/fashion-blogger, I learn how to appreciate it. When I wear a shirt usually, I tuck it halfway.

    Absolute B. from Incognito

  2. this is great

  3. This happens to me every morning when I put on a shirt, I am so thin that the band on my underpants sticks out and the shirt tucks itself in. Good post.

  4. Love this post - I hear ya... I'm migrating towards a more minimalist style myself - don't know if it's a passing faze or a true development of my style. Am all about the 'half-tuck'... I love how you've blogged about a little detail here; it really works

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