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Hey, this blazer’s 15 dollars. Im buying it! When will I ever stop wearing these shoes, I don’t think you can see how damaged it is. It’s pretty horrible.

This is the 2nd outfit of the little photo session I had with my “photographer” He has no training in photography at all; he literally just pushes the button lol. The blazer probably won’t make it to my “clothing shortlist”, the quality is quite horrible and I can’t really move my arms around. Probably the biggest reason that I don’t have many blazers is because of my body type. I have a short body, broad shoulders and big arms. Actually,everything is big on me for my height.

Now I can say that my hair is pretty unusual for my city, but it’s just not enough for me. I’m still looking for a bit more oddity, some more colour or unusual texture. Ivania Carpio, a blogger I recently discovered, is my recent inspiration. She’s rocking some odd hair. She’s odd yes,but she is very very beautiful.


  1. Sweet post - I love the blazer, the colour is wondrous.

  2. Nice blog, I really like your writing style.
    This outfit is pretty nice as well.

  3. Dope blog u got here.

    Check mine: http://vcbyo.tumblr.com/

  4. thank you man! I like your blazer! and your hair are'nt boring at all :D

  5. You can't expect too much from a 15$ H&M blazer ! But nice outfit.

    Ps: I'm lovin' your blog. The design is nice, your posts are concise but precise and nice to read. Seems like you're going to have a lot of comments coming from me =)

    Absolute B. from Incognito

  6. Your hair is just perfect and awesome on you ;O it suits you so much , I litteraly have my jaws down now ;D

  7. i like your style! love the blazer!
    just followed your blog!


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