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Thrift stores are great…no they’re amazing and many of the best pieces in my closet came from good ol’ Value Village. That being said, I’ve always had an issue with jackets blazers and general outerwear from thrift stores. Apart from the odour, which I actually manage to remove after a good wash and spritzing of febreeze, I’ve always had an issue with the fit.
Men’s suiting has always been a very tricky thing. A man’s jacket is not another man`s jacket. I`ve never been able to be completely satisfied with the fit of any blazer/jacket I’ve bought in stores or thrift shops. I may be wrong and I might just be really unlucky but the secret here is that guys have to get everything tailored. Pret a porter isn’t so Pret (That’s French for ready btw)
The reality of the situation is that everyone gets everything tailored but getting something tailored costs so much! I wont pay $40 to slim down the sleeves of a $10 blazer from a thrift shop. This is my inspiration behind a new project/series that I had in mind. How’s your needle working skills?
Sew Much Better – is all about really simple and easy alterations and sewing projects that could improve a garment. The point here is that it’s all about making your existing clothes look even better. My first project is the jacket on this outfit post. It’s a nice un-lined jacked that’s perfect for the spring and I want to make sure it looks perfect. ps. Not everything needs a needle and thread…


  1. I love this blazer! Great with that scarf :)

  2. You have such great blog! Maybe we could follow each other!




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