I’m still enjoying the last few days left of my two week Spring break. Unlike last year and the year before, I spent my entire break at home. I got to do a lot of things, altered some pieces, did my laundry, got hooked on Skins, cleaned up my room, but most importantly, I got to “cleanse” my wardrobe.
  It’s really important that you keep your wardrobe highly functional with only your essential pieces and clothes that you like to wear. Nothing is worse than having a full closet yet having nothing to wear in the mornings. It’s really easy to prevent this situation with an edited wardrobe, where everything fits you and works with each other. A Wardrobe Spring Clean is a good way to edit your clothes. Here’s how I do it.
Step 1. Sort your clothes into 2 piles. Sort the clothes you’re happy with and would want to keep into the Happy Pile. This means that these pieces are perfect in every way you can imagine. The rest of your clothes now belong to the Unhappy Pile.
Step 2.Now we’re sorting the unhappy pile into two more categories. The Hopeless Pile will be the clothes you donate or throw out, while the Rescue Pile, are clothes you’d like to keep but you aren’t because of you don’t like the fit or a certain aspect of the clothing.  These are the items you might regret throwing away or you’d want to change, use in a DIY or something.You will have to spend a considerable amount of time doing this, as you will have to try on every piece of clothing from this pile.  Put these clothes aside or in a box for temporary storage.
Step 3. Remember the happy pile? If you live in a seasonal place like Canada, you could further the organization by sorting the warm and cool weather clothes seperately, store away either one of the two pieces depending on the season. Of course, some essential pieces can work all year and are lucky enough not to be put away for half the year.
Step 4. Now it’s time to rescue some clothes. This part is all up to you. Cut them up, turn your pants into shorts, finally hem those jeans the way you want them. Ask mum for some help,maybe a friend who can sew, or a seamstress if you’re so finnicky. But you only have a month. If you’re still unhappy with the pieces from your Rescue Pile, then they are hopeless, thus ending up in the Hopeless Pile.
Step 5. Enjoy your newly edited and highly functional new wardrobe. The more often you do this, the less arduous the task would be each time you do it. I’ve done 4-5 of these wardrobe overhauls this year (last 365 days), usually during the change of seasons or my school breaks.
Do YOU have a special way of clearing out your wardrobe? Share it in the comments below!
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