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Pic1|Sneaked off to the park with some girl-friends to take outfit pictures before going to a friend’s birthday part. We ended up being late :/
Pic2| A friend shot this picture for me. It ended up being the best series of photos ever taken on my camera.It might be his skills,sheer luck, or everything else was just right. Let’s say it was the skills ;p
Pic3| Snow!!
Pic4| A picture from a Christmas get-together with my friends
Pic5| A picture taken in the poorest of lighting conditions, but like always I’m laughing my ass off while taking outfit pictures with Cyril

I’ve been running a blog for a while, about 2 years now and this has allowed me to collect a bank of pictures of myself trying to look as attractive as possible. (It may or may not be working ;p) But, I usually cap outfit photos per each post to about 5 which leaves the 50 or so photos left out. I didn’t want them to go to used so I edited some from a few months ago and decided to show them to you. No, it’s not really about the fashion in these photos, and if it was about the outfits previously, now it’s just about the moment and what memories they give me when I see them again

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  1. That blazer paired with a simple tee and necklace is so cool. Very nice photos!
    thanks for the love, I'm following you now:)

  2. OMG! Jayvee... you're good looking! :) You're being matured na. Goosshh! Keep it up bro! :3

    Jewel Clicks

    1. Aww! Of course you'd know, you've been one of my earliest followers! :)

  3. YESS on the jacket


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