This Week 005


I had missed two weeks of roundups, but all for good reason. I was yoddeling up in the mountains. Okay, maybe I was singing…and it was in a mountain village resort. You get my point, I’ve been away dealing with other parts of my life a.k.a being a teenager in high school. The trip to a youth music festival was lovely and there was plenty to see. If you get what I mean (;

joe dempsie

  Meet Joe Dempsie. Unbeknownst to many is my slight addiction to the UK teen drama series Skins; Joe was part of the cast in the first season back in 2008. He gives me hope. Growing a few years older really can change a person’s face, and for the better that is.

ps. I want to to be the next Joe Dempsie.
pps. You might recognize him from Game of Thrones


  Here’s my weekly choice of an unknown cool sounding song from the interwebs. Once again, I have no idea who sang it or what it’s about. It just sounds nice!

Does anyone else follow a more abstract way of deciding whether they like a certain song or not?

asos box

My first ever online purchase came in the mail this week. Inherited from my parents, I have a fear of purchasing items online. But man, the adrenaline rush you get when you click away to your purchase, wait for its arrival, and finally open the lovely box that’s been waiting for you on the kitchen counter is too much to resist. This is definitely not the last time I’m ordering something online. In other news, #accidentalshamelessproductplacement

Nothing is better in the summer than a cool white tee

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  1. Great post! The trip to the mountains looks beautiful, you're so lucky! Congrats on your first online purchase, isn't it exciting when the mail man comes!? It's like christmas x


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