PIECES|THE Black Quilted Jacket

ZARA Quilted Black Jacket

Yay, so excited for the cold weather! Bring it on glorious 3 degree mornings.

I went shopping last Sunday, the FIRST time I went shopping/bought anything for the last 3 or so months, I think. I haven’t shopped an awful lot this summer because of whatever was going on with my room. Which is supposed to be done but isn’t. I’m just blabbing now.

Anyway, I got this AWESOME jacket. If you’ve been following me on twitter (@stilodorito), or listening to my babble, you’d know that I am ALL about a black quilted jacket, preferable it is short, small to no collar, no garter on the bottom, and something fit for my height. This jacket I picked up at ZARA is just that.This picture is really a bad representation of the wondrous potential of this jacket.I mean, it better be as I paid a “fortune” for it. I’m officially broke as I had to pay 100+ CAD for this.

All of my “back to school” clothing budget is gone lol. The choices I make sometimes interest me, but I know this jacket is REALLY worth it. I’m also probably going to buy 3 new pairs of jeans, as they are all ripping in the wrong spots!

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  1. Great pots! Really like it!


  2. your jacket looks a bit blue here but i really live the bomber style :)
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks for your comment! Trust me, it's black, the editing caused the different colouration :) I'd definitely check your blog out

  3. i find myself reusing so many of my zara items. i think they are worth every penny :) i'd say that is a good purchase, esp now that summer's pretty much over.



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