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 Jeanjacket-1 Jeanjacket-1


credit|cyril patricio

|Denim Jacket|GUESS(thrifted)|Tank|H&M|Shorts|(DIY)Hollister|Desert Boots|GUESS|

 Same story here. The “summer uniform” my DIY shorts and Guess shoes, then just a simple change on top. I decided to take out an “outerwear” even with the apparent heat. Thankfully I was smart enough to wear a cool breezy and simple tank top. Underneath that jacket I’m lookin’ all Jersey shore, but it saved my life.

But really, this is pretty much it for my summer style. I can’t be bothered with a frock any more frilly and any other accessories other than a smile and my trusty iPhone. (Ironic because I’m not smiling in these pictures) I can’t wait for fall, when my game is TOTALLY on. I’ll show you! promise

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  1. Its a great event and definitely worth a visit. nice outfit you got here. the jacket is a bit too hot I read on your blogpost but otherwise you can wear this outfit for the evening. I'm not waiting for fall at all .The summer in Holland was aweful with only rain. we had our fall :(


  2. wow, your photos have gone a long way since you first started your blog :) good job!

    im back to blogging, yay!


    1. Welcome back to the bloggosphere Janelle!


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