OUTFIT|75% of my closet is blue

credit|Cyril Patricio
Seriously, the only thing I wear these days is blue. I’m always wearing something blue in my outfits. I guess it’s MY colour. I don’t really want to change the state as I think it’s awesome.
I’m still currently in a state of “nothing-to-wear” mood. It’ll rub off after some very good new acquisitions. Well, at least I hope. So, I think I should find a job. Anyone want to take a short Asian kid who’s kinda shy and standoffish to people but completely competent? Say yes!
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  1. Beautiful Vest. Amazing. Hugs.


  2. Really? That's actually interesting. I on the other hand have way too many black apparel. It would be interesting to see what blue apparel you have. - Nudge nudge, take photos perhaps?

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  4. really know how you feel! I bought so much blue that I now refuse to buy any more haha!


  5. aaaw :)) thank you for this marvelous compliment. almost all pictures on my blog are made with my canon eos 550d with the standard lens (the 18-55 one)
    but the pictures on the latest post are made with a tamron af 70-300mm for nikon (from a friend)

  6. i wish your closet was my closet!!! hahaha!! i love blue, period.

    please follow me back too!!!


  7. i wish your closet was my closet!!! hahaha!! i love blue, period.

    You're a Filipino right? Correct me if I'm wrong... lol! I'm a Filipino as well!

    please follow me back too!!!



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