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After 4 years, I’ve finally jumped on the camo bandwagon. . . but maybe just for this instance. First and last we say?

So, how ever did I get onto this top? I don’t really remember buying it—I just happened to see it hanging around the house last month or so. I only had the willingness to pull it off yesterday--I guess the all white background, with the all black + camo ensemble had an effect on me.

Quite definitely, I got mixed reactions. Some people were fans, and some just downright had a hatred for the poor camo top.(It’s not that I care too much anyway as their personal style is non-existent) Personally, I like it, especially the way I’ve styled it. Not overdone. I'm planning on doing something a wee bit more adventurous. My sole excuse? The folly of my youth…

Voici est mon tenue hier. Je porte d’un chandail camo. Pour moi, c’est un peu avantereux. Mon tenue, il me ressemble et mon style beaucoup. Pour la raison de la pratique de mon francais j’ecrit un peu en francais sur mon blog. S’il vous plait, dites-moi si je fais des erreurs embarassantes.

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  1. Such a great outfit, love the camo tee!

    xo Jony
    SHOUT-OUT to you

    1. Thanks (: youre making me want to wear it more often lol

  2. Sweet outfit! Nice blog and great style! Hats of from sweden :D

    1. Thankyou Markus! A nice blog, yourself (:

  3. Thank you for your comment ;)

    btw i love this Camo Top :)

  4. Thanks man! I'm loving your post on the latest runway looks :)


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