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I'm being rather quite problematic right now in terms of posting my looks because I simply haven’t had any chance to shoot any! I’ve been quite the nocturnal creature this week and my sleeping pattern has still not adjusted to “student” mode hence the unusual lounging and down-right lack of will to take outfit pictures to be productive.

Enough about that, here are some cool blogs I’ve been reading this week, including some of my favourites and some new ones.

This week, he posts about how to organize your closet. I think it’s rather insightful, especially to me right now as my closet needs some MAJOR organization. He also posts about the latest collections and some particular pieces, in general men’s fashion. Like any blogger, he doesn’t miss pieces of his personal style

This site has gone through a recent update as part of the blogger’s New Year’s resolution of better blogging. I really like the new design and it serves some good inspiration for the upcoming “blog makeover” I'm thinking off for Stilo Dorito. No, Skinny Suspenders isn’t updated as often as other “good blogs” but he’s part of my top reads because his posts are lengthy , insightful and often have a journalistic stance in them – you really know the man behind the blog puts a lot of effort into his posts and not the usual jibber jabber blah blah you get from A LOT of bloggers (maybe including me).

ps. the interviews on his blog are just so insightful!

Apart from her usual, albeit great and well documented, DIY’s the blogger behind the site has posted about how to fulfill your new year’s resolutions.  This is a PERFECT read for everyone because we all seem to fail at keeping our resolutions anyway—this might change the demographic a bit.

Sabrina is ALWAYS part of any blog recommendation I will give. I completely love her style and her pictures are just awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Once again, not really a “read” but more of an oogle. This guy is my complete style icon. I LOVE his style. PERIOD


  1. Thank you so much for this feature!
    You have a great blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Great blog !

  3. @Michiel- Thanks for your comment! You have a really great blog too (hence the feature)

    Thankyou Clement!

  4. I just discovered your great blog now! It's amazing.

    Like so much Andreas Wijk!
    i hope we follow here! ;-)

    Greetings, men!

    1. Thank you for your comment! You have a good blog as well, with good pictures (:

  5. I like Afterdrk a bit, but I she's blatantly copying Elin Kling of Style By Kling.

    1. I find your comment very interesting because I REALLY love Sabrina's style, but I don't like Elin's in the least bit ;) For me, her style is a bit more overtly stripped down simple, but with ridiculous shoes. LOL


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