RUNWAY|Lee Roach and Lou Dalton

lee_roach_fw13_21lee-roach fw 2013
Lee Roach FW 2013
Lou Dalton fw 2013 Lou Dalton fw 2013 2
Lou Dalton FW 2013

Men’s collections are starting to pop out left and right. Here are just 4 of my favourite looks from what I saw.

The first 2 are from Lee Roach, a designer that showed at London Collections:Men. The buckles/closures of the jackets are just way too awesome. I’ve already seen that kind of closure on a blazer last year (it was more of a buckle). The collection simply reminded me of how cool I think they are and how much I want to DIY them. Let’s admit it, I will never be able to afford one of these jackets. Also, I’m reminded about the fact that I should probably buy a pair of Chelsea boots, they’re a good investment. The sooner I buy them the better an investment they will be. I read on some pretentious blog that it was a “trend” so I should wear them…you know for hits and all, a few hypes on and such. I like them anyway, And I can still be “trendy” next year. I’ve noticed trends for guys usually last 2 years anyway, or shall I say season since I’m being a pretentious fashionisto with a stiletto up my ass.

The final 2 looks are from Lou Dalton, also a designer that showed at LCM(I believe she opened it too?) I like things for simple reasons. I’ve never been one to be scholarly with my words talking as if glitters came out of my ass or that I was talking about someone so great they turned urine into gold.I don’t have the eye to be critical, not in fashion.I like these looks simply because of the tartan pants. I now seriously want a pair. Once again, I am not buying them since I am “poor”. I simply hope Zara or H&M makes a cheap knock-off that sells for like 30 bucks. Then I can at least have some hope of owning a pair. I`ll probably wear it less than 5 times so I don`t need to fuss about how the cloth was made out of the hair of some nearly extinct creature. The sweatshop variety made by dirty greasy little hands of Indian or Chinese children is totally fine!

I might write a longer post on why I rarely ever look at runways for “inspiration” So you should check that out soon. It’s called…a rant lol

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  1. definitely one of my stand out shows of London fashion week


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