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I remember back in Grade 9 when I would wear scarves almost everyday. Now that I am older, I don’t wear it so often, but when I do, I always make sure my scarves steal the show, or at least I try. This past week I stole the show with this HUGE blanket scarf from H&M. It’s something I don’t get to wear that often but on this particular day, something just made it right for me to wear it. Maybe it was all about nostalgia that day. The particular jacket I’m wearing on this post also takes me back to Grade 9, when I thought I knew trends and pick them up. A toggle coat was THE jacket for that season, or so I thought. haha
 In reality, the pieces I’m wearing ARE quite memorable. Like the first pair of proper fitting jeans, and the ancestor of many Levi’s jeans to come, and desert boots that unexpectedly delivered well. To sum it up, these clothes are old, but the older they get the more fun, because you always wear a little bit of your history and add to it bit by bit. In this time, when bloggers are seen as boring very quickly and can only wear the “it” designer pieces with the latest collection from the high street to stay relevant, I’m being revolutionary.
ps. My photographer is the best
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  1. nice!


  2. Love your outfit!! Above all your scarf! :-)

  3. I wish I could get away with wearing scarves here in Manila :(



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