OUTFIT|Failure to Suit Up

suit with jeans collagecredit|cyril patricio

|Blazer|Thrifted|Shirt|Thrifted Dunhill (similar here here)|Jeans|Levi’s|Shoes|Doc Martens|

Is this an outfit post or more of a look into my decisions? I guess it’s both.

 Behold, my failed attempt in sort of trying a “suit” look. Of course I should have worn actual dress pants, tailored to my flying arse to call it a suit, but hey, almost looks like it. I’ve always been the guy who’s wanted to stray away from suits, and “sharp” tailoring. I don’t know what it is about them that bothered me so much,maybe it’s how “ugly” they look like on some people, and how much actual work one had to do to get it right. Yes I’ve worn a lot of blazers,but never as part of a suit. I never even wore blazers with a proper dress shirt. My thrifted Dunhill shirt had the honour of being worn first.

I guess this just all comes back to my theme of being NEW this month.I wanted to wear something new that I haven’t worn ever before. It’s all just a trial, it’s new anyway. Next time, I’ll just wear it with proper pieces. I’m definitely keeping my Doc Martens and that Dunhill shirt, but ditching the blazer and the black jeans. That thrifted blazer has just turned into a shapeless crinkled frock. Time to find a new one! I’ve outgrown it, no?

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