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 My room is still in the renovation process, well actually it took a halt right now. A bit of down time but the projects will usually be done in no time with the help of a carpenter-family friend.

Just wanted to share with you guys. It’s simple, cool and totally DIY-ed. It is literally a plug a cute light bulb and some wire, then one can pretty much take it anywhere. I’m also thinking of doing this, but putting the light bulb inside a mason jar to make a really cool modern-shabby-vintage(modern and vintage in the same sentence?!) “light orb”—perfect for late night reading when ceiling lights just ruin your studying mood.

ps. I’ve been blogging on Stilo Dorito for more than a year! I had hoped to reach the 50 follower mark by a year on Stilo Dorito, but I came close to 49 followers on Google Reader! Officially, this is my 2nd year in the blogosphere. Any of you guys remember Broke Fashion Junkie? HAHA

Happy First Birthday Stilo Dorito!

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