THOUGHT|A Call To Simplify—Minimalism

A DIY desk fan—an example of minimalism that tickles my fancy c/o source

I cleared out everything in my room, painted all the walls white and put back a bed, a nightstand and a mirror. Just 5 minutes ago, I was lying on my bed looking around my room and realizing how at peace I was. It felt free and, liberating; but most importantly it made me realize. I really did not need a lot of the stuff I had cluttered all over my room. Of course I won’t be really happy with a room this bare, but I also couldn’t think properly in my room before. (For everyone’s sake, I am not posting any pictures of my room—it’s horrid!)

I guess I really should’ve known before that I was actually a minimalist. I briefly talked about minimalism, especially in clothing back in the summer time last year. Due to their enviable ability to live with “minimalism”, Sabrina Meijer and Ivania carpio had huge amounts of coverage in my blog. I slightly moved away from the idea of minimalism because it freaked me out, which I’m sure is the reason why most people stray away from minimalism. Minimalism is clinical, sterile and very much lacking in personality in some instances.

Now though, I think I shall stick to my true self. No, I am not a minimalist, but neither am I the opposite–whatever it may be called. I just know now to stick to simplicity and throw away a lot of stuff. In fact, I expect to throw away about a third of all my clothes in the next few weeks…

So just a little bit of a mental image with my room—imagine something from an IKEA catalog, something mid-century modern-ish(which btw, I think is the PERFECT approach in minimalism). There are 4 things I need my 8x10 ft room to be.A place to sleep,lounge,work (including the creation of blog content), and store.

To bring resolution to this, I will be utilizing vertical space. I will have a low loft bed with a 3-4ft. clearance underneath which will be a place to store all of my clothes. Inside the built-in closet will be my new office/work area, fitted with a table throughout its entire length,plenty of shelving, and some kick-ass lighting that will sure motivate me to work. A soft furry carpet shall be spread across floor accompanied with small pillows to make the space lounge-able. Finally, the all white walls allow me to capture some blog-content if I get the lighting right. As for the colour scheme, I still haven’t decided but I’m leaning towards sunny yellow, a light tangerine and a kind of lovely teal.

ps. You could expect the follow up on this project…not very soon.

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