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Day by day, I’m selling a little piece of my soul to the devil.

I could say these are my first ever “designer” piece, a pair of sunglasses from Emporio Armani.I’ve always wanted to get a nice basic all black sunglasses but never got to do so due to 1. lack of sun 2.lack of budget and 3.absence of “perfect” pair in an affordable price. From the picture, they don’t look very modern at all, they almost seem out-dated but they’re not.They actually look quite up-to-date, while I’m wearing them of course. Never in my dreams did I ever think I’d own anything Armani; they’re under the radar for me. I have since discontinued with that practice. I think I love these sunnies!

Now there there, how could a 16 year old kid afford of such thing. Well, it’s this thing called work benefits from my mom. Every 2 years, I get a budget of 300 dollars to spend on “eyewear” Therefore I could afford the 250 something price of these glasses.I can’t wait till it gets sunny and I can show them off to you

ps. Ill try to find a link to buy the same or similar ones, but now I gotta sleep. I actually have to walk to school tomorrow!

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