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So I suppose I am back from my long absence from blogging. I guess you could say that life happened for me. To prove that, I have a list of some new things in my life. It's a simple way of us catching up on missed moments.

1. I now speak French fairly well, with a convincing accent to boot. I left you guys off with my summer immersion trip to Quebec and that was that. To put it quickly, it has been one of the most pivotal and life-changing experiences in this young life of mine. Nothing has changed me quite so much as the realities which Quebec had put me through. It was a fantastic time filled with wonderful sights, and possible long-life friends.

2. I got a job! (finally) I think it won't be fewer than 10 times that I've ranted about being jobless and, most importantly, money-less on my blog. Let's just say, we could cap it at that number. No, I did not get an internship at GQ nor even a sales associate position at , say, Aldo, however I am still very proud of the work that I accomplish. Working is no joke, but it's just another lesson that I am happy to have learned.

3. I got my first independent bank account. This one isn't really all that important and was only consequential due to my Quebec trip and having found a job right after. I just wanted to share that I am now completely responsible of my finances, I even got my own Paypal account. It's been around a month so-far and I think I'm sticking to my budget quite well. It's wonderful to be able to splurge on myself nowadays tho...

4. I've decided on my future (kinda). With everything that I have learned about myself, I have finally decided that I want to study Architecture in university. In particular, I am aiming to get into Montreal's Mcgill University and/or Ontario's Waterloo University. They say, "go big or go home", and that is exactly what I am doing as these schools are fairly competitive here in Canada.

5. With all of this that I have mentioned, it's safe to say that I have no time left. In between 4 full classes in a day, working after school, being involved in after school performing arts courses and commitments, taking an online course, preparing my Architecture application portfolio and trying to keep a fairly good social life, I barely have any time to even sleep. Blogging? Oh yeah, I can fit that in my schedule 3-4 am. haha!

Well it's 1 am as I write this, and I should really go to bed. Don’t worry, more posts are coming up, starting with a wonderful photo set of Quebec city.

ps. I am totally editing this post tomorrow

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