PIECES|Clark’s Black Leather Desert Boot


Nothing screams more practical than  black leather shoes/boots

 Regardless of style, most guys people should have a trusty pair of black leather shoes; it’s simply a matter of finding the right one for your style. Due to my short stature, I’ve grown very fond of ankle boots such as Desert boots. Anything not in ankle boot form just cuts off precious leg length(tip for those shorties too!)

As well, anything black and leather in a basic style screams “investment piece”. It’s a staple and you are sure to wear it many multiple ways. Here is a link to black suede Desert Boots by Clark’s. Apparently no one likes real leather…

ps. I’ve also noticed that the right Desert boot can have an elongating effect on the lower body due to the shaping of the foot, if you get what I mean. These brown desert boots I have prove my theory.

pss. For my budget, the price is quite the stretch but seems very reasonable due to assumed durability and “cost per wear”

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